Sunday, April 17, 2011

Store Your Jewels

I just started working on a jewelry case recycled from a sidewalk find I picked up last week.  I will be posting some before-and-after pics as soon as it is finished.  Here are some inspiring photos of neat, recycled jewelry storage ideas from Etsy for you to enjoy in the meantime. 

Laurie creates fun jewelry storage units as well as bulletin boards with recycled bottle corks.  I love this charming and functional way to put your old wine corks to use.

 Here's my favorite jewelry display idea I've come across so far.  "Messy Jessie" from Blubirdheaven creates these awesome jewelry wall units and cases from old drawers and recycled architectural trim.  These wall units would create a beautifully interesting (and useful) focal point in any bedroom or bathroom.

Happy Sunday!

Saturday, April 16, 2011

something new.

Well, here we go.  This is completely new for me, but I've recently been feeling the need for some change and thought I'd have fun with this. I'm thinking of this as a sort of on-line journal of things I like and stuff I make. I've been inspired lately and have some new projects up my sleeve, I just have to make time between school and work for them. Stay tuned and enjoy!